I was born 1977 in Gothenburg on the westcoast of Sweden. Presently I live in Sävedalen with my family, a suburb to Gothenburg.

From a young age I always been interested in what the nature has offered. Birds are the main interest. Have as long as I can remember birdwatching and still do. And the avian friends are the ones that mostly my camera are pointed at.


Works as a firefighter, and the time off are usually spent with my family or outdoors photographing. For me photographing is lifequality, it´s not just the wanted picture that keeps me going on. The making of a picture combined with true nature experince are just something that I love to do..


Several trips worlddwide has produced memorable moment and pictures. Many of them are shown in the gallerie. India, Philippines, Norway, Spain etc. My favourite destination is Varanger, high up in the Arctic Norway.


Several of my pictures have been used in magazines and papers.


All photos copyright Patrik Jonasson

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